I hold a Holy Ghost Explosion Miracles and Healings School on a regular basis. It consist of part one and part two. Each session is about seven weeks. There have been numerous healings, miracles, and deliverances that have taken place, for which I give Almighty God all the glory!

Each person is taught how to move in the supernatural with God in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as well as other areas. The class makes available a manual with a number of visuals that I have done inside it . Through these classes, students have come to realize that God’s desire is that not just the five-fold ministers go forth in ministering in the supernatural, but that He desires that each of His people go forth to minister to others.

In these classes you will have many questions answered based on the word of God, and you will be equipped to minister to others yourself. A few testimonies can be found on this website under testimonies.

Love In Jesus Christ,
Crystal M. Naylor


The Holy Ghost Explosion Miracles and Healing School is a great class to learn how to receive God’s Supernatural healing and his miracles. You will also learn how and why we become ill. There is also a manual you can purchase which covers everything learned in class. It will help guide you in your healing and give you Scripture for protecting yourself from sickness and to keep you healthy. When we have the next Healing school, you do not want to miss it!

Min. Hodges

The Holy Ghost Explosion Healing School is an opportunity to experience and receive Jesus’ love with a new understanding through worship, teaching, and healing. We have heard how Jesus came to preach and to heal the brokenness in our hearts, to set us free from all manner of illnesses. But, when you actually experience it and walk away in freedom from the “stuff“ that held you in bondage, rather it is physically, emotionally, or spiritually, there it is an overwhelming joy that comes over you as you are set free from the baggage. I have experienced this and I have left there healed and with a deeper understanding of the love and freedom Father God has for us!  You can tell Apostle Crystal and Pastor Louis labor in prayer for this school, and for God’s will to be done; because the Holy Spirit shows up in Power!


Holy Ghost Explosion Healing School to me gave me more Faith to Trust my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in every area of my Life. To speak his Word because everything comes into existence by the Word of God in every area of your Life, Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, Financially, and Socially. All we need to do is speak God’s Words every day and stand on his word, we will have what God says about any situation you may be in especially Healing. 

Minister Velma Whitaker

We thank Apostle Crystal for being our spiritual leader for Total Salvation Church and for leading us into all truths through her Holy Ghost Explosion Miracles and Healing School teachings. It has been truly an inspiration to each of us as we grow and walk by faith and not by sight. Our minds are being renewed and our spirits are being edified. Through her many teachings, each has been inspired to truly walk Father God’s straight and narrow path that leads us from glory to glory. We invite each of you to come to our Holy Ghost Explosion Miracles and Healing School where many have been blessed by the teachings as well as receiving miracles, healings and deliverances in their lives.

Pastor Louis Naylor