At Total Salvation Church, the presence of the Lord is always felt there. When you come through the door, you can feel a strong wonderful presence. Sometimes you can tell that He is there by a sweet fragrance and a comforting feeling. Sometimes His presence comes in the form of a fog so thick that you can barely see through it. The presence of God is especially strong while we are in prayer and during praise and worship.
— Beverly H.

Tierra came up one Thursday and Apostle wanted me to come up to fell the lump. It was on the front of her neck. I don’t know if it was on her vocal cords or not, but it was in the front part of her neck. She came up on her own to ask Apostle Crystal to pray for it. Apostle wanted me to come and to fell it before we started praying over it. So Apostle Prayed over it and like her mother, Tangela said the lump went right away. There was also a lump on another occasion not in the same spot and after Apostle prayed and laid hands on Tierra, in Jesus’ name it left immediately, and neitherlump have come back .
— Velma

We were having prayer night at Total Salvation Church on a Friday night. We were in deep prayer, when the Lord opened my eyes. The wall facing the outside of the building became transparent. I could see angels, some were in the trees, some were standing on the grounds. They were smiling and facing in the direction we were praying. They were dressed in white and had gold sashes around their waist. About the church I saw what I believe was Jesus with his hands outstretched but I could not see his face, but I could feel that he was pleased with us.
— Beverly

Once when Apostle Crystal was up front preaching the Holy Ghost came upon me and I became real warm. I closed my eyes and opened them and the whole pulpit area was in bright lights and Apostle Crystal was in bright lights. When the Holy Ghost comes upon me, I feel real warm. I saw a big bright light around her. It was the Glory of God around her, and it was real warm. The cross behind her was also in bright lights, and the lights were getting bright, and then they would go back to regular light and then bright again a couple of times.
— Hall

During intercessory prayer there was a sudden change in the sanctuary. There was peace and comfort in the room. I witnessed brightness in the sanctuary, almost blinding. The room had a cloudy look. It gave a tingling feeling and you could feel the presence of the Lord in the church. This continued about five to ten minutes. It became clearer in the room however the feeling of his presence remained through the service.
— Jerome

I was having a real bad headache, and Apostle Crystal was having altar call and I came up, I knew I was being lead by the Holy Spirit to come up, because she said by the Spirit of God that someone was having headaches. She prayed for me and it went away, and now I don’t have headaches any more like that, because it was a really strong headache
— Lavette

Concerning finances, for a while when I received utility bills in the mail it would say there was a zero balance in the amount due. This was happening for a few months. I don’t know if it was a mistake or a settlement that they came up with. The word says the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just. That’s how I explain it. It has happened on other bills as well, and I just accept it. Amen.
— Eugene

I had pain in my wisdom tooth, and my face was swollen. Apostle Crystal, and we prayed together. When she touched it with her hand and prayed the pain left and the swelling went down right away, and I thank God for that.
— Lavette

Some years ago, I had a loan for quite a while. By being at Total Salvation Church and hearing the word of God, I began praying for debt cancellation among other things. God is faithful. Like Apostle said you have to always be consistent, and that God has the perfect timing for everything. I got a letter in the mail, and it told me that the loan had been paid in full. When I first read the letter I could not figure out what was going on. Then the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance that at times when we get things we question is this from God. The Holy Ghost will lead you into all truth. He brought to my remembrance that this was what you’re learning in church. A lot of times when things happen we question how it happened, but if we are standing in faith for something and it happens you are not suppose to question it. I thank God for that debt cancellation.
— Velma

A while ago Apostle Crystal informed me about a Pt Cruiser that she saw for sale. She knew that this was the car I was praying for. She said the Lord had told her that this car was for me. She was going to get something from the store, but this was not the way she usually traveled nor the store she usually goes to. That day I was heading home and decided to go check out the car. The car was being sold by a private owner and was parked in the front of the property near the road. When I drove up I noticed that it was the color I wanted, black. I parked in the front of the property near the road. I parked the car on the shoulder and walked up to the car. They had put a description of the extras, and why she was selling the car. This was the exact car that I had a brochure of hanging on my bedroom wall. At that moment I prayed over the car and laid hands on it, and claimed it. I was so excited that I called my husband and told him about it. When he got off work that evening we went to see the car. The next day we went back and the owner was out by the car wiping it down. For medical reasons she needed to sell the car. We took the car out for a road test and knew that the Lord had led us there. She had one other interested person to show it to, but she wanted to sell the car to us because she knew we would take good care of the car. I believe that she felt the anointing upon us because right away she wanted us to have the car.

She really loved this car and wanted to make sure it was going to a good person. We gave her a small deposit to hold the car and she even took a thousand dollars off the price. We prayed together and told her we would be getting back to her that week. At that point we had no idea how we were going to buy this car. Well the Lord knew. I received a pre-approval in the mail and called to see how much they had approved me for. The amount was more than the car, but I had to purchase a car through a car dealership and not a private owner. My husband talked to the necessary people at his job to see if it was possible to purchase the car through them. To make a long story short, the car dealer bought the car, and sold it to us. We did not have to put any money down, and received a low car payment. It was awesome how the Lord made a way when it seemed there was no way. This was the car I wanted with all the extras plus more items than I could have ever imagined
–Beverly H.

Dear Apostle Crystal

Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am to the Lord for your ministry. I praise God for your devotion to Him ! Because you chose a long time ago to go, and to give your life to God’s service, others have been blessed through the mighty working of the Holy Spirit in your life. I am grateful to say, that I am one of the miracles that God has chosen to bless through your ministry.

When I went to you for prayer in October of last year and I informed you that I was scared to go for a mammogram because was told that I have cysts in my breast. You and Pastor Pat Chen went into warfare for me as you prayed for me. I felt the healing power of the Holy Spirit released through your hands Apostle Crystal as you laid hands on me. I felt heat go through my breast, and I knew Hallelujah! That I was healed. I knew! I just knew Hallelujah! That I was healed and I continuously praised God for my healing, as you encouraged me to do!

Even though I went in for the mammogram and they called me back for an ultrasound, and it came back benign ( PRAISE GOD), my doctor still wanted me to have a biopsy because of the size of the cysts it was (3 cm.) .

Apostle Crystal your words of encouragement, phone calls of inspiration, and your prayers that I felt carried me through this whole process. You kept encouraging me to speak God’s word over myself and I did it everyday. The day I went to see the surgeon, we had prayer and you told me that the word over me is Victory. You saw it written in white. Victory.

I took that word with me to the surgeon and when she examined me she could not find the cysts. She said “and I know where to look because I see it in your films, but there is nothing there.” Praise God! She said “ I do not need to do the biopsy because there is nothing there!” Praise God!

Apostle Crystal, because of the mighty works that God is doing through your ministry and it is a blessing to me and so many others, my husband and I want to plant a see d into Total Salvation Church. We believe in what God is doing through you and Pastor Naylor. It is life changing, it’s Jesus!

My husband and I pray and confess that the Spirit of the Lord shall rest mightily upon you and upon your husband always and forever.

You shall be called the priest of the Lord and eat the wealth of the nations!

Love In Christ,
Evangelist Monya

One morning I woke with a pain in my right wrist. I thought maybe I slept on it wrong. But a couple of days later it was swollen with limited movement and still hurting. I came up during altar call at Total Salvation Church to have prayer. Apostle Crystal prayed over me and laid her hands over my hand all the way up to my elbow. While she was praying, the pain was leaving, but it was still a little swollen. I woke up the next day and my wrist was not swollen at all, and I could bend my wrist.
— Tangela

My daughter was in an organization that was planning a trip to Carnegie Hall in New York City. They had been doing fundraisers trying to raise money for inner city youth to go. One week before the trip they did not have enough money. My daughter came up during altar call to pray for a financial blessing. This was during Sunday service. I got news from the director on Thursday that they received a large check donation that would give them more than enough money to go.
— Tangela

Total Salvation Church is a spirit filled church. The presence of the Lord is always there. When I enter the church I can feel the Lord there. It is a like a calmness and a peace that meets you at the door. When service begins, I see the Lord as mist or a fog. As we go into praise and worship, the presence gets thicker, almost to the point of not being able to see. Sometimes I have seen a bright glow surrounding Apostle Crystal and the pulpit, so bright that I can hardly see. I have seen Angels outside the church. They look like they are standing watch over the church. It is very comforting to know that the Lord is in the midst while we are sitting under his word and giving him praise.
— Beverly

About 7 months ago, I was knitting and a big bump appeared on the backside of my hand. It did not hurt, but it was hard and annoying. I thought it would go away on its own but it didn’t. I tried applying heat to it but it was still there. At Total Salvation Church we have been taught by Apostle Crystal to speak God’s word of healing and life over ourselves. So I began to prayer for God to heal my hand and spoke 1 Peter 2:24, “Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed/’ As I prayed over my hand and Jaid hands on the bump, it started to soften up and seemed to be getting smaller. So then I stopped praying because I thought it was healing. Well it didn’t, in fact it returned to how it was before. I started praying over my hand again, this time I did not stop and I prayed and laid hands on it several times a day. One night I was praying and laying hands on my hand before I went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, the bump was completely gone. There is power in prayer. I give God all the glory for his healing power.
— Beverly

I recall as a young child my sister and I would visit our grandparents quite often. My grandmother Apostle Crystal would prepare many meals for us. With my sister and I close by, on this particular afternoon, my grandmother was frying fish. My sister was sitting at the table as I sat on a stool a few feet from her. As a strong woman and man of God, at my grandparents there was nothing but peace and nothing to fear, for the presence of the Lord had always been in the air. On this day, it felt like any other day as we anxiously awaited our meals. As a born again believer, I had always requested that the Lord reveal his presence to me the way the spiritual leaders said he does.

I remember as my grandmother was cooking, a great grease fire started on the stove. Facing the flames her first instinct was not to physically mash the fire, nor to direct us verbally to safety, but to do both those things by simply saying the name of JESUS. As she firmly shouted his name the great fire calmed instantly! It almost felt like time had stopped. Afterward, she simply resumed cooking without explanation. Because Jesus had spared us, we all were calm and unbothered, for nothing could harm us. Years later, I have grown to understand that the miracle in the kitchen memory in the kitchen has not only been revealed as the first miracle I recall witnessing, but it is a vital part of the fundamentals of my faith in the Lord.

That one memory is powerful enough to keep in faith without sight. No longer do I wonder if he will protect me from harm. That memory the Lord has allowed me to vividly recall was his way of telling me he has always been there. I rejoice because I am alive this day and I know God spares me daily. There were probably countless opportunities that I have faced death, yet I continue to live at peace, calmed and unbothered because I know that God has never and will never leave me.
— Sierra